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Thanksgiving Elementary

Tractor Supply Company

Regional Commerce Center

Thanksgiving Elementary

cubic yards of dirt moved

miles of utilities onsite

equipment hours


Cubic yards of dirt moved


Miles of utilities onsite


equipment hours

The Job

The Thanksgiving Elementary project involved a First Third Party School Grading & Utility Contract. Our services included Site Grading, Utilities, Curb, Stone, and Asphalt. We were able to improve an aggressive construction schedule and deliver the building pads to Wimco prior to milestone dates, which allowed them to begin construction sooner than anticipated. We also intentionally adapted to the project needs by working out of sequence in relation to the cut to fill areas on the project to deliver the building pad.

After completing this job efficiently and fast-paced (45 days ahead of an aggressive schedule!) We won the bid for the onsite Sewer Force Main project that serves the school.

Problems We Solved

We worked together with Wimco to complete our scope of work while still allowing other trades to complete their work. We adapted to complete areas out of sequence as WIMCO turned them over to us in order to not only complete the project on time, but beat our deadline by 45 days. We also did out of sequence grading (Cut to Fill) to get building pad on grade and achieve better construction milestone dates, despite being up against wet winter weather.

Our Partners

WIMCO, Asphalt Services on Demand, Erosion Control Solutions, Green Resource LLC, Hanson Neverson, Mack Industries, Rinker Materials, TEC Utilities Supply, Inc.

Tractor Supply

equipment hours

WMBE participation

partners we collaborated with


Equipment hours


wmbe participation


Partners we collaborated with

The Job

We were hired by WIMCO to do turnkey site development for the new Tractor Supply Company in Clayton, NC. The scope of work included site grading activities, utilities, curb & gutter, stone, and asphalt. Work area included the TSC property and offsite on HWY 42.

We worked hand in hand with WIMCO on workflow and sequence to accommodate the construction of Tractor Supply. We were able to implement a plan for the road widening portion that was delayed due to weather. The plan was executed and the project was able to have the grand opening as scheduled.

Problems We Solved

Winter weather and rain played a big factor in finishing this project. Through coordination with WIMCO and determination of our team, the project was completed and delivered for the grand opening.

Our Partners

We were contracted by WIMCO for the site and utility portion of the project. Our subcontractors included ASD, Capital City C&G, Cable Pavement Markings, Razorback Boring, TEC Utilities Supply, Rinker Materials, Mack Industries.

Regional Commerce Center

lf of waterline laid

concrete structures set

lf storm drainage pipe removed


LF of waterline laid


Concrete structures set


LF of storm drainage pipe removed

The Job

PC was called in to hit critical milestone dates for the Prime Contractor and General Contractor. The site, in Durham, NC has 410,000 square foot warehouse space with infrastructure to accommodate their utility needs and parking needs. Our scope was 10,000 LF of storm drain, 3,000 LF of sewer, and 8,000 LF of waterline in a 12 month schedule.

Success for us was being flexible to what our client needed as the project progressed. Time was of the essence on this project, and we delivered. Multiple Pond structures were in and completed within 20 days to allow the contractor to continue dirt moving operations. Substantial completion within 12 months.

Whether 1, 2 or 3 crews were needed. PC stepped up to whatever resources our clients asked of us. We showed our mutual flexibility by ebbing crews in and out as the dirt moving operations progressed through the project.

Problems We Solved

The schedule was the toughest challenge to ensure we did not hold up the other contractors. We also ran into unforeseen rock but did not waver from hitting our milestone dates. We laid sections of this pipe at depths greater than 20 feet.

Ultimately, we delivered the project on time and attacked the small final punch list expeditiously. Our client was able to turn the project over on time and with the quality product PC delivers


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